We’re building autistic and neurodivergent community wealth by creating an ethical gig economy in on-demand manufacturing

^ short version elevator pitch

For creators, who often supplement their income with marketplaces like RedBubble or on-demand partners like Printful, they’ll understand enough to know that if they’re autistic, they would rather that when someone buys their art or merch, their money goes to other ND people who are making the things, instead of the factories RedBubble uses, which underpay people and most of the money goes to shareholders. In addition, the percentages that Redbubble/Printful like places make off things, well, with Villej, that money goes to give other autistic / neurodivergent people employment. And the rest goes to community initiatives, economies of scale purchases for the whole community (think co-ops, from insurance to legal aid, to groceries), subsidizing services (free mental health services specifically for NDs), and crisis funds to help those of us most in need. In addition, we incubate members in business AND there are planned advocates, like one on one case workers (if wanted) to provide supports and create systems of support for members.