Hi! I’m Jess.

But people also call me Friday. I empower neurodivergent and marginalized people to use their strengths collaboratively to thrive, all while creating community and systems that lead to rapid degrowth and positive social change.

Easy version: I help people like me build systems to help themselves and others so that we can all help save the world.

I’m autistic with adhd, I constantly battle executive dysfunction, have mental health struggles in spades, and a spiky skillset with a side of unfavorable socioeconomic ranking caused by all of the aforementioned. In other words, my life has not exactly been a success.

The world just isn’t set up for people like me to succeed.

Not yet, that is!

You see, I found a way in my industry to help people work together in an automated cooperative way, using our perceived weaknesses as strengths to take back the means of production from any who wish to exploit people and planet, while facilitating rapid degrowth towards real sustainability.

Kind of a mouthful, yeah?

Well, there are a ton of nuts and bolts to put together still to make this work. It’s a complex system, but I firmly believe we don’t have to tear down or fight the current economic and political powers that be. We can build a humanity-first alternative, and eventually everyone will see what I see:

All we ever had to do was work together.

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