About Me / CV

The world wasn’t designed for people like me, so I’m creating one that is.

It’s not us that’s broken. It’s the world. And together, we’re going to change it.

I used to think there was something wrong with me. Why was I labeled highly gifted, yet struggled to do simple tasks that seemed so easy for everyone else? Why could I accomplish so much at times, but other times have difficulty getting through the day? Why was I so desperate for friendship, but couldn’t make and keep friends?

After almost twenty years, I found the answer. Like many other women my age, I had received a misdiagnosis early on that never quite fit. Until a few years ago, when a series of fortunate circumstances lead me to read about what autism truly is beyond the stereotypes and I recognized myself.

That was it. That was the missing key. I was autistic.

At last, a lifetime of not being able to maintain gainful employment or embark on a career path, failure of business after business and an inability to turn my creative passions into ways to make a living made perfect sense.

And at last, I found the community where I belonged, where I was seen and heard for who I truly was. Where my experiences were finally validated. I finally found friendships where I was free to be my real self.

It took a long time for me to accept it, but those businesses and creative pursuits that didn’t pan out weren’t failures at all. Because they gave me the experience, skills, and knowledge to create something that finally gives the neurodivergent community the accessibility and support that will empower them to succeed.

We’re going to work on this collaboratively, bridging our strengths together through the power of our community. And in doing so, we’ll learn that what we thought were weaknesses are actually our strengths. All of us will finally see the truth:

It’s not us that’s broken. It’s the world. And together, we’re going to change it.

My Skills

I earned the name Friday because I tend to quickly pick up anything I put my mind to, resulting in a lifetime accrual of highly diverse knowledge and experience.

eCommerce & Business
Neurodivergent Advocacy
Systems Thinking & Creativity
Mental Health Advocacy
Adobe Suite, WordPress, & more

Experience & Education

2022 –


Cofounder & CEO

Villej is my brainchild, a startup that began as a jewelry company. But when I saw a unique opportunity in my industry to take the gig economy in manufacturing and use it to help people like me and just maybe change the whole world, I took it, risking all I had to make it happen.

Now I’ve partnered with a talented cofounder, tirelessly working to bring our tech company online, performing all the duties necessary in any tech startup, from hacking away at the web development myself, to networking and finding human capital, and making key decisions that will determine the future of a new type of company (a Social Purpose Corporation) in a groundbreaking sector of the manufacturing industry.

We are building the connective marketplace as a foundation on which the neurodivergent can work together to thrive.

2008 – 2022


Entrepreneur & Creator

I have been a traditional and digital artist, a freelance copywriter and editor, an ecommerce entrepreneur, web designer and developer, a computer repair technician, a salesperson and manager, a jewelry maker and craftsman, a side-hustler, a customer service guru, and a chaos coordinator among many other things, gaining experience in many types of businesses, and all the departments required to make each one work.

2005 – 2008

Martin Community College

Lab Instructor & Equine Facility Manager

I taught classes, managed the facility and horses, made budgeting decisions, networked with both the local community and professionals in the Equine Industry through professional involvement in local and national horse shows and events.