Hi. I’m Jess.

(Or just J. And people call me Friday too!)

I believe when neurodivergent systems thinkers come together, we will create the solutions that save the world.

I’m a kinetic autistic and I cofounded Villej, a community wealth building platform that enables us to thrive as individuals and a community while shaping an inclusive and accessible future.

All that but in English? I bring #Neurds together to make the world better!

I’m down with community wealth building, how do I get involved?

I’m so glad you asked! Please see where you might fit in to the right OR go directly to one of the projects below that I’m involved in or working in partnership with or that I support.





#neurd #neurdy
#entrepreneurodivergent #ndcreativecommunity #buildthevillej #ndcommunitywealth #ndcollaboration

Hashtags for our movements

Wait, what’s Villej exactly?

Villej is a connective marketplace and community wealth building platform for neurodivergent creators, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Learn more about where we are in our evolution at buildthevillej.com

“Be Excellent to Each Other”

^My motto (I’m kind of film nerd!)